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Reasons to Hire an Arborist

If you have trees in your property and you want to improve or maintain its health, safety, and appearance, then you need to hire an arborist. If you don’t prune your trees regularly, then they can develop limbs and branches that are weak and unsightly. Pruning trees, especially the large ones, is a dangerous job so don’t even think of doing the job yourself. If you are to perform a good pruning job, then you will need the right equipment and experience doing the job. You can hurt yourself or people around you if you fell your tree in an unsafe manner. You can damage a lot of properties if you proceed with your plan. Arborists know what and what not to do with trees. An arborist can help you landscape with trees since they have received training in working with individual trees. An arborist is able to take care of the trees in your property and if you hire one, then you can save your time and money on it.

Poor maintenance of your backyard would soon give you problems with your plants and trees. If you leave your trees to grow without pruning, then it will have many dead and crossing branches. When there are strong, powerful wind gusts, the dead limbs and branches can easily break and even large tree limbs can snap if your trees are not properly pruned. If you have well maintained and pruned trees, then even strong winds are not able to break them, but they will just sway with the wind. If branches fall on property then it can surely be destroyed. If branches rub against your house, it can break windows, destroy eaves, etc. If branches get out of control, they can also hit power lines. The arborist’s job is to keep your trees healthy so that it does not pose a risk to the safety of your family. Arborists will see to it that you trees are regularly pruned.

Fungi and other tree diseases thrive in dead decaying wood. This can easily spread on your trees if not removed. A diseased tree will soon die. Dead and decaying branches can be removed from your trees to prevent the spread of disease , by your arborist.

If healthy branches are not able to get sunlight because of the presence of many dead branches, then it will try to reach out sidewards to get to the sunlight. There are reasons why this is not good. These extending limbs will grow long and skinny and will not be able to support weight of branches with leaves. With rapid expansion of the trees, your trees will get crowded and overgrown and it will soon need to be removed. When dead branches are removed by arborists more direct sunlight is able to reach all parts of the trees and this helps them to develop properly.

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